Discover the Academy Library

The Coller Rare Book Reading Room captured by Ardon Bar-Hama.

The Drs. Barry and Bobbi Coller Rare Book Reading Room captured by Ardon Bar-Hama.

The New York Academy of Medicine Library is a place of discovery. It’s where the scholarly and the curious alike turn to learn about the history of what keeps us well, and what makes us sick. It’s a place to discover the lessons learned in pursuit of individual health and well being, and the intricacies of the politics and policies of ensuring public health in cities, the nation and the world.

The Academy Library is where world-renowned writers, historians, documentary filmmakers, health professionals, and students come to learn, to be inspired, and to form the foundation of knowledge that opens the door to a future discovery. It’s a place where unique programming –open to all–integrates medicine with history, humanities, and the arts through its Center for the History of Medicine and Public Health.

Open to the general public, the Library houses over 550,000 volumes, an extensive rare book collection, and unique medical artifacts of historical importance that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Won’t you join us in helping to safeguard the Library’s treasures to ensure that the opportunity for discovery is available to all?

Support the Library to preserve its collections and ensure ongoing support for its one-of-a-kind public programming. Thank you for your generosity and take a few minutes to discover for yourself a few of the Library’s many treasures through our digital gallery.