#ColorOurCollections: Day 5


Thank you to all the
institutions that took part in  #ColorOurCollections, and to all the talented artists who colored! We loved seeing your work, and some of our favorites are shared below.

We’re still tallying up participants, but so far 100 institutions have registered on ColorOurCollections.org and contributed to the collection of coloring books located there. Many more participated on social media. Institutions, it’s not too late to register and add your coloring book! The registration page will remain open until next Friday, February 17th at 5PM.

Many of this year’s coloring books featured art, plants, and animals (you can’t go wrong!), but we also saw a few other themes emerge. We saw women’s history in the coloring books of the Brooklyn Public Library, the New York State Library, Frances Willard Memorial Library and Archives, University of Houston Special Collections, and our own coloring sheet. Architecture and buildings were highlighted in Numelyo, Macalester College, DeWitt Wallace Library, Gore Place, the Watson Library at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and many others. University archives joined in full force this year with participants such as New Mexico State University Library Archives & Special Collections, Loyola University New Orleans Special Collections & Archives, Hunter College Archives & Special Collections, and University of Manitoba Archives & Special Collections

#ColorOurCollections will return February 5-9, 2018! Until then, ColorOurCollections.org is there for all your coloring needs!


Coloring book: Wangensteen Historical Library of Biology and Medicine, University of Minnesota Libraries


Coloring book: University of Reading Museums and Collections Coloring Book


Coloring book: University of Missouri Libraries, Special Collections and Rare Books


Coloring book: Cambridge University Library


Coloring book: Smithsonian Libraries

Check out even more beautiful colored pages in the below slideshow.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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