Valentine’s Day Cards from NYAM

by the NYAM Library Team

On February 14th we observe Valentine’s Day!

Our previous blog posts on this commercial holiday highlighted both cards created for Valentine’s Day as well as trading cards from our collection. At the close of the 19th century, improvements in printing allowed for cheaper goods and paper cards for friends, lovers, and families to send written sentiments.

These early cards varied from caricatures of their subjects and beautifully drawn miniscule script, to what we now think of as Valentine’s Day cards – humorous or sentimental acknowledgements.

To celebrate this year, we have created six of our own Valentine’s Day cards featuring images from our collections. One is for the celebration of the popular Galentine’s Day, a celebration of friendship.

Feel free to print out and share with your loved ones!

From Sei sparsam!… by Anny Wothe (Leipzig, 1900.)
From Historiæ animalium... by Conrad Gessner (Zurich, 1551.)
From Illustrated Natural History of the Three Kingdoms…edited and compiled by A. B. Strong (New York, 1853.)
From Illustrated Natural History of the Three Kingdoms…edited and compiled by A. B. Strong (New York, 1853.)
From De motu cordis et aneurysmatibus… by Giovanni Maria Lancisi (Neapoli, 1738.)
From Ryzon Baking Book compiled and edited by Marion Harris Neil (New York, 1917.)

Color Our Collections 2023

by the NYAM Library Team

Today we conclude our week-long celebration of Color Our Collections 2023.

Each February, fellow libraries, archives, museums, and other cultural institutions showcase their collections through these free, downloadable coloring books. About a hundred new books are gathered at for your continued enjoyment any time during the year. Previous years are also available, almost 800 coloring books in all! Please continue to use the hashtag #ColorOurCollections to show us your work.

This year, NYAM’s coloring book deals with Climate Change. The images showcase those animals, vegetation, and natural regions that are most vulnerable.

Below we’ve selected a few of the images that you’ll find in this year’s edition.

Typis Montis… from Mundus Subterraneus by Athanasius Kircher (Amsterdam, 1665.)
Glacier of Zermatt from Physiography by Thomas Henry Huxley (London, 1905.)
Polar Bears and Seals from The Polar World by Georg Hartwig (London, 1869).
Branched Coral from The Universe by Félix-Archimède Pouchet (London, 1902)
Glaciers in the Bay of the Magdalen, Spitzbergen from The Universe by Félix-Archimède Pouchet
(London, 1902).

For hundreds of more coloring books, don’t forget to check our previous Color Our Collections!