Coloring Our Collections

Coloring books and oranges, waiting for the start of the Museum Mile Festival.

Coloring books and oranges, waiting for the start of the Museum Mile Festival.

At last night’s Museum Mile Festival, we were thrilled to offer a coloring book featuring images from our collections, along with the oranges seen here and packets of crayons.

NYAM also partnered with community organizations to engage the festival participants in healthy eating and active living activities. Harlem Seeds demonstrated how to cook a healthy and delicious kale salad and baked apple dessert. Harlem Hospital Center’s Walk it Out and Hip Hop Public Health programs got the crowd moving with high-energy kickboxing, line dancing, and break dancing lessons.

While we can’t give you crayons or break dancing lessons through our blog, we can offer you the coloring book in PDF format. You can color images from Leonhart Fuchs’ De historia stirpium commentarii insignes . . . (1542);  Ulisse Aldrovandi’s Serpentum, et draconum historiae libri duo (1640); and two works by Konrad Gesner, Conradi Gesneri medici Tigurini Historiæ animalium Lib. I. de quadrupedibus uiuiparis . . . (1551) and Thierbuch das is ein kurtze b[e]schreybung aller vierfüssigen thiern so/ auff der erdē und in wasseren wonend/ sampt irer waren conterfactur . . . (1563).

We’d love to see your colored pages—please share them with us!

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